Users ask questions and answers

Q.1. How much can you earn from Zeemoo?

Ans: You can earn up to Rs. 50000 per month via Zeemoo.

Q.2. Is Zeemoo safe?

Ans: Yes, because Zeemoo is the notable earning application that comes with excellent payment options. You can get your earning money online like Bank Account, UPI, etc.

Q.3 How to get payment on this online platform?

Ans: The payment for the work done by the user is received through online mode. The user can also receive his payment directly in the bank account, Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay.

Q.4. How many tasks can you complete in a day?

Ans: On this platform, you can complete maximum tasks in a day.

Q.5. How do I request payment of my earning?

Ans: You can go to the “ Payments section" in the “Profile” menu and click on “Request Payment”. You can only request for a payment once you have Confirmed your Earnings.

Q.6. How can I start earning?

Ans: To start earning click on the “download” button on the Zeemoo.xyz Home page. Enter your name, email id, mobile number & set a password to create an account on the Zeemoo app. Once you’re signed up, you will see more than 100 tasks.

Q.7. How will I know that my task is complete or not complete?

Ans: When you start a task then you can see the task status in front of that. It is mentioned there that the task is completed or pending.

Q.8 Do you charge any kind of fees or charges from users?

Ans: No, we do not charge any kind of fees or charges from our users, if anyone is asking for the money then you can contact us directly at info@Zeemoo.xyz