Payment Terms

  • Our payment procedure is committed to sending payment at any time.
  • You can put the payment request after completing tasks. Once your payment threshold is reached, we'll send your payment immediately.
  • The minimum payment threshold will be INR 10.
  • Your payment will be completely secure.
  • We only dispatch your payment on the Details given by you in KYC so please Fill Details carefully. Once the payment is successful on the KYC added by you, we will not be responsible for your wrong KYC details.
  • You can get your working money any time.
  • Example for payment in Zeemoo: If any user complete works in a day or week and we will test your work within 24 hours and will be paid in any time.
  • Threshold Zeemoo works on a default threshold of INR 10 in approved payment. Our entire user gets paid via Bank Transfer, Paytm and PhonePe.
  • By default all contents are shown as pending on your deshboard. we can deduct your amount whenever we want, if we have any distrust on you.
  • We accommodate each contend with our professional team.
  • We Use Only One payment method at a time from we mentioned methods for send money.
  • All rights are reserved with Zeemoo.xyz.